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Failure of immune system


This section introduces the basic elements of the immune system and immune response. Shown in the slide are the three major mechanisms for immunological failure. There are hypersensitivity reactions in which there is an exaggerated immune response as seen with allergic rhinitis. There is a relative lack of immune response (as in cases of immuno-deficiency) as seen when the body succumbs to infections. Finally, there is the possibility that the immune system reacts to the body’s own tissues (auto-immunity) such as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

Some autoimmune diseases and their treatments are discussed in the following chapters. For the biologicals (etanercept and infliximab) see the chapters musculoskeletal system and Gastroenterology.


Examples of an auto-immune disease includes all of the following EXCEPT: 


The following diseases are mediated by IgE antibodies except