Primary hyperaldosteronism

A tumor (2) of the zona glomerulosa can be the cause of hyperaldosteronism. Rarely, an overactivated angiotensin receptor (1) can result in primary hyperaldosteronism. Secondary hyperaldosteronism is due to increased levels of angiotensin II or renin (3), which cause increased aldosterone secretion (like in liver cirrhosis and cardiac failure).


In hyperaldosteronism, the kidneys retain sodium ions and potassium ions are lost in urine. In primary hyperaldosteronism, symptoms as hypertension and hypokalemia are common. Spironolactone, a receptor-antagonist of aldosterone, is the main drug to treat primary hyperaldosteronism.


I. Adrenalectomy of an aldosterone-producing adrenal tumor is effective in treating aldosterone-induced hypertension.

II. Primary hyperaldosteronism is a relatively uncommon cause of hypertension.