Leukotriene modifiers

There are two types of agents that modify leukotriene response: inhibitors of LT synthesis that block lipo-oxygenase, and LT receptor antagonists. The drugs zafirlukast and montelukast belong to the latter group and are used more clinically. Zileuton is an inhibitor of leukotriene synthesis

In theory, these LTmodifying agents could have a major role in the treatment of asthma. Howevertheory and practice are not identical; many asthmatics appear not to have anybenefit from LT modifiers, which now are prescribed mainly for mild asthma orasthma with profound exercise-induced symptoms.


A leukotriene modifier has a combination of effects on both synthesis and leukotriene receptors.


Leukotriene modifiers are treatment of first choice in asthma.


Leukotriene modifiers are NOT used for the treatment of COPD.