IL-2 receptor antagonists

IL-2 receptor antagonists

An example of medication used in the early phase of rejection are the antilymphocyte therapies. One example of these agents is basiliximab, a humanized monoclonal mouse antibody (Mab) aimed against CD25 - part of the IL-2 receptor - on T cell progenitors. Basiliximab prevents IL-2 binding and its subsequent stimulation of T cell proliferation.

target="_blank" href="">Daclizumab (another humanized monoclonal antibody) blocks the IL2-receptor of already activated T cells.

Because these agents have profound effects on the immune system, they are used for short term therapy only. Thus, they are commonly prescribed in the initial post-transplantation period to prevent early and acute rejection.


IL-2 receptor antagonists can be beneficial in immunosuppression because they