last updated 25-02-2024

Neuronal network: GABA inhibition

Neuronal network control GABA inhibition

In a physiological neuronal network, action potentials do normally not generate a seizure. As seen in the graphic, action potentials are generated by an excitatory neuron. This neuron excitates other excitatory neurons and inhibitory GABA-interneurons. The GABA-neurons transmit inhibitory signals to their surrounding cells.


These processes within in the neuronal network result in amplification of local signals but also in reduction of the signal transmission and protection against synchronicity. In other words: the GABA inhibitory neurons keep the excitation within control. Seizures are a result of a misbalance between the excitatory signals and inhibitory control.



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Epilepsy is a condition with a periodic recurrence of seizures with or without convulsions.