last updated 08-06-2023

Library of symbols


This section shows all icons used in the TRC-p database. Iconography is THE most important elements of the TRC-p, as users learn to understand drug mechanisms not by text, but by interpreting an (animated) illustration. Therefore a basic understanding of the icons is a prerequisite to make optimal use of the TRC-p. In general, users experience some learning curve to become acquainted with this principle and learn mechanisms via illustrations.

Particularly for newcomers, the text below the illustrations prove helpful to understand the iconography. However, You do not need to know all the symbols by heart. Users seem to learn quite fast, and having spend less then an hour, most illustrations with new mechanisms can be understood within minutes (if not quicker). Besides, if one does not recognize a symbol, he/she should simply hover over a symbol in an illustration, and it will indicate what symbol it is. Alternatively, one can click on one of the text buttons in the table of contents to highlight them in the figure.

The icons in this chapter are listed from molecular level toward larger 'systems' and finally full humans/populations. Subsequently a list of other iconography is listed (e.g. miscellaneous icons, types of medication, general graph style).